Grades 2/3

Welcome to the 2/3 Classroom at JVS! Since we have a combined classroom, we rotate our science and social studies topics. This year we are following the third grade science and social studies curriculum. In Reading Workshop we learn about story elements in literary text, and nonfiction text features through interactive read alouds and guided reading books. In addition, students read books on for specific assigned topics at their reading level, and are able to choose books for independent reading. We subscribe to Scholastic News to learn about current events through the videos, articles, and online games. We have both Fundations 2 and 3 in our classroom on a daily basis. We use a Writing Workshop approach and practice writing personal narratives, opinion paragraphs and informational text. In math, students follow their grade level Eureka Math curriculum, and have,, and math games for independent practice. To support our social-emotional well being, we practice mindfulness, yoga and taking a “reset” break so that we can refocus and be ready to learn. Students also enjoy learning Spanish and French lessons for enrichment.

Grade 2 Curriculum:

Social Studies: Local Economy, History and Community Laws/Safety

Science: Water on Earth, Earth’s Changing Surface, Land/Sea Animals, and Plant/Animal Needs

Math: Addition and subtraction strategies up to three digit numbers, measurement, place value, graphing, money

Grade 3 Curriculum:

Social Studies: Vermont History, Geography, Government and Economics

Science: Weather, Forces and Motion, Life Cycles and Animal Adaptations

Math: multiplication and division, area and perimeter, unit fractions, place value up to thousands